Slide by improving your A resilient team means Hi, I’m Wendy. A Certified Resilience Coach & Speaker. a resilient business ... Boost your business employees' resilience

However they’re likely struggling more than ever, with the pandemic and change adding yet more stress and uncertainty to their lives.
... they aren’t as productive. They’re also more likely to take sick days, have prolonged absences and even quit altogether.
While you can’t eliminate your employees’ stresses, you can give them the skills they need to deal with whatever comes their way. You do that by investing in their resilience.

A resilient team means a resilient business.

Resilience training comes with big benefits for your employees … and your business.

It can help your employees:

 Manage stress and anxiety better
 Feel stronger, more focused and more confident
 Anticipate and deal with challenges proactively
 Be more motivated and enthusiastic
 Deal better with challenging relationships
 Turn change into opportunity
 Gain personal insights
 Bring goals into reach

This boosts your business’ bottom line by:

 Reducing staff sick days and prolonged absences
 Helping you retain good staff
 Improving productivity
 Driving teamwork and collaboration
 Improving problem solving and solutions
 Giving team purpose to goals and vision
 Developing a positive and supportive culture
 Improving employee health and wellbeing

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient”

– Dr Steve Maraboli

About Me Wendy Jenkins

I’m a professional qualified human resources practitioner, applied science graduate, and a certified neuroscience-based resilience coach. I’ve also coped with an enormous amount of stress and uncertainty in my life:

 Sent to 8 different schools & moved 20 times
 Run several businesses & changed careers 3 times
 Given 2 years to live … over 14 years ago 

Along the way there have been many challenges, including severe depression & PTSD, not being able to have children, short life expectancy issues, having to leave a corporate career & many health issues.


People often tell me I’m the most resilient person they know, however this wasn’t always the case.

My journey to strengthen my own mental wellbeing led me to discovering a strong passion for neuroscience-based resilience; tapping into how our nervous system and brain work to strengthen resilience. I’m also a firm believer in the power of micro-learning which is great for busy people on the go.

I now offer resilience programs, workshops, seminars and presentations that boost your business’ bottom line by improving employee resilience. The framework I use was created by psychologists and learning experts, and I have incorporated my human resources skills & experience to tailor for the workplace working with individuals, teams and businesses. I also offer nutrigenomic biohacking products to support the brain and body. I enjoy speaking regularly on the topic of resilience to audiences in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

I am a proud co-Founder and Board member of the Lungitude Foundation, a registered Australian charity focused on funding and facilitating world-class translational research, advocating for lung transplant excellence, building a strong community of support, and educating key audiences. Find out more at www.lungitude.com.au

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Ready Resilience Programs Want your employees to have the resilience skills they need to thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment?

READY RESILIENCE ROADMAP™ Boost your business by improving employee resilience

The Ready Resilience Roadmap is a science-based program that can boost your team’s resilience and wellbeing in just 12 weeks.

A combination of online interactive and engaging workshops, a clever virtual coaching app and neuroscience insights, the program has been designed to suit the way your brain prefers to learn.

The program is cloud-based and designed to work seamlessly on any device, including PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices (Android and Apple compatible). Accessible locally and internationally – anywhere with an internet connection and a device to access it on.

Ready Resilience programs use an interactive AI-powered virtual coach app to help individuals succeed through the ever-changing and uncertain world we live and work in. The App uses Narra-tive-Driven Intelligence, or NDI for short. This provides a combination of choose-your-own-adventure style training, as well as understanding participant emotions at key points. The result is a highly interactive and engaging new way to build resilience.

Program Structure

How does the program work?

 The program kicks off through a virtual invite that instantly gets employees started.
 Participants take a short questionnaire which identifies and measures their resilience across 6 crucial domains and generates a personalised resilience report.
 Based on these results, a self-paced tailored online training course starts within our virtual coaching app, prioritised to their needs with short daily resilience micro-boosts. Your employees can access this virtual content and support for a full year.
 4 monthly deep-dive team webinars are scheduled focusing on team needs.
 12 weekly emails provide neuroscience-based advice on subjects such as stress, motivation, procrastination and memory.
 Following initial progress, a secondary assessment can be scheduled to track progress, usually after a 3 or 6 month period.

Management Insights Add-On

Want more reports and guidance on your team’s resilience?

The ‘Management Insights’ add-on includes two management briefings on top of the employee program.

These management briefings are scheduled following the initial and secondary team resilience assessments, and will help you:
 Build understanding of your team’s resilience – both initially and once they’ve progressed through the training
 Understand key focus areas to improve your team’s resilience based on aggregated team results
 Guide your management style to best support wellbeing in your team in the immediate and long-term future

The ‘Management Insights’ add-on is complimentary for teams of five or more.

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READY RESILIENCE SPEAKING Unique presentations that inspire audiences

I believe that if people are giving up their time to listen to a speaker, it needs to be worth their while.

They don’t want to hear the same old thing they’ve heard a million times before. They want to be enlightened and impacted by what they hear. They want actionable content delivered by someone with an amazing story to share.

They want to feel motivated to live better and DO better.

I can make that happen. My engaging, thought-provoking presentations – in person or online – are proven to give a unique perspective on life and to inspire audiences.

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READY RESILIENCE BIOHACKING Build your body's resilience through biohacking

If you’ve pursued ways to improve your health, then you’ve been biohacking.

Biohacking is understanding the why behind how you’re feeling, thinking, and performing. Knowing the “why” empowers you to not only biohack your body, but to make impactful changes to your overall health and well-being.

With several systems working to power our bodies every day, we as humans, are complex. Luckily, getting started with biohacking doesn’t have to be.

I proudly distribute nutrigenomic biohacking products that support the body’s natural cellular function by targeting the main biochemical effects of ageing, issues like oxidative stress, natural mitochondrial deterioration and more.

By awakening your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself on a massive scale — whether by up-regulating your genes’ ability to produce their own antioxidants, your cells‘ ability to produce mitochondria, or your guts’ ability to regulate bacteria — you can help stay on top of the ageing process while delivering the mental clarity and overall well-being you need every day to get the absolute most out of life.

From nutrition to beauty to fitness, find out more about these engineered science-backed products and resources that are a great way to get you closer to meeting your individual goals and challenges every day.

The products are available internationally, registered with TGA Australia and cited within PubMed scientific research. They can help with:

  • Sleep quality
  • Energy levels
  • Overall mood
  • Focus (brain fog)
  • Aches & pains
  • Inflammation & swelling
  • Gut health
  • Skin conditions
  • Hair loss & thinning
  • Recovery & endurance
  • and more

The products may also help inflammation and ageing effects in animals and have been recommended by vets.

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Boost your business by improving employee resilience.

Neuroscience-based resilience programs. Inspiring presentations. Biohacking products.

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